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Private Investigation

Today BARS Training Australia not only teaches the art of private investigation, but through its associated business, BARS Investigation Services, the company provides investigative services to a number of firms and individuals requiring basic investigation services.

We undertake factual investigations (also known as reconstructive investigations) where we travel to a location and interview witnesses, the claimant (if possible) and gather any facts or evidence to support or disprove a particular claim.


BARS Investigations Services are committed to help those seeking information, but do not know how to obtain it, or do not have access to the information sought.  Such services could involve locating witnesses to an accident whose statement might help in the process of an insurance claim.  Alternatively, gather information that can help to establish someone's innocence or lack of liability.

BARS Investigations Services
compile briefs of evidence, provide prosecution services and take instructions from lawyers for criminal and civil defence briefs, as well as specialise in the following areas to meet your investigative needs at very competitive rates:

  • Worker's compensation

  • Surveillance (video, film, and/or photographs)

  • Personal injury cases (i.e. auto accidents, slips and falls, and more)

  • Locate witnesses

  • Secure statements

  • Process Serving

  • Pre-employment screening

  • Civil/Criminal/Corporate Investigations

  • Attorney Services

  • Background investigations

  • Work cover claims

  • Factual Investigation


BARS Investigation Services will provide the following level of service:

  • Ensure that all investigation services are carried out by licensed private investigators.

  • Deliver all services in a competent, ethical and professional manner.

  • Treat in-confidence information obtained or provided in the course of negotiating, or monitoring the arrangements covered in future dealings and undertaking not to divulge that information to any parties without prior written authority.

Fees for Service
All fees for service will be determined on the level of involvement and the investigation required.  A quote will be provided detailing the scope of the investigation and any expenses expected to be incurred.  We can put together a package which suits your individual or corporate needs and will not proceed without the appropriate level of approval in writing.


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